The Security Of Our Voting Machines Needs To Be Taken More Seriously

I’ve often wondered if foreign governments (Russia or China for instance) or maybe just angry hackers have plans to hack our voting systems in an attempt to influence the outcome of our elections.  The presidential election is right around the corner so the issue of voting machine security is on the radar.  Voter fraud and intimidation have occurred in the past many times.  Voting is a fundamental right and fraud threatens the integrity of our democratic system.  No one wants to talk about the security vulnerabilities in electronic voting machines.  Especially not the companies that make them or government officials.  But they can be hacked in different ways.  The recent flap over the DNC hack just confirmed my suspicions.  The more we try to make voting convenient and easy using modern computer technology the more we open ourselves up to attack.  When I came across this article the other day it reminded me just how vulnerable we are.  Please read it.  It is well worth your time.

Along these same lines, The Institute for Critical Infrastructure Technology published a good paper detailing how easy it is to hack these machines and steal voter data.  We need to treat voting machines as critical national infrastructure.  Security features of the machines need to be standardized across the country.  This is a national issue and demands a nationwide response.  At the very least we need the machines to have redundant paper backups that can be audited and compared to the electronic totals to verify accuracy.  It is time we take election security much more seriously.



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