About Me


Hello, I’m Jim and I’m writing this blog as an experiment. I’m hoping it will be therapeutic to put my thoughts down in writing rather that just yelling at the TV/Computer and leaving rambling posts on Internet comment boards. I have a full time job so this is just a hobby for me – something I can do after work as an escape. I have many interests, but over the last few years I’ve developed an interest in computers and technology. In college I studied Political Science. The combination of technological interests and political/philosophical interests has focused my attention on the areas where the two often meet – such battlegrounds as copy write law, the CFAA, encryption, anonymity, privacy, and free vs. proprietary software. Hopefully, others will contribute to the substance of the debate on these issues as well. The free and constructive exchange of ideas leads to progress on complex issues.  I lean heavily towards being a free speech “absolutist” so I expect to draw much fire from all sides of any debate. I look forward to seeing where this experiment leads.

Thanks for visiting the site!

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