Malware Threat Is Getting Worse

Keeping your computer, smart phone, and home network safe isn’t getting any easier. Unless you’ve been living under a rock the past few years you probably already know the malware to exploit your digital life is getting easier to obtain and more effective all the time.   Ransomeware is becoming big business and much more common.  Criminals who aren’t technical or command line proficient can now launch malware they don’t understand from a GUI interface. This article gives a good description of how these exploits work. Simply visiting an infected website can allow malware to attack your computer or smart phone. Cyber criminals are also going after smart phones with exploits designed just for them. People often use their phones to browse the web and check email even though the phones don’t have the security features likely to be found on a well secured desktop.  One nasty exploit is called “Angler” and it will inject malicious URLs into website ads redirecting the victim to another website where malware is installed.  In response to such attacks this article recommends a layered defense to protect your computer.  It offers some insights into various ways malware infects a system, hides itself, and does its dirty work.  Malware can disguise itself quite well and hide from your antivirus. If you want to stay safe online the same old rules apply - keep your system updated and patched regularly, don’t let Adobe Flash run automatically (Flash accounts for some 80% of the exploited software vulnerabilities), don’t click on attachments in emails if you aren’t 100% about them, and don’t say “yes” to enabling macros unless you know what you are doing.  If you’re concerned about the safety of your system I suggest reviewing my simple tips for securing your computer. After that you can explore more advanced means of protection.

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