Bill Introduced In Congress To Stop States From Forcing Manufacturers To Install Crypto Backdoors In Their Products

With so many setbacks in the fight for privacy and encryption it appears we finally have two Congressmen willing to fight to keep smartphone encryption strong. Congressmen Ted Lieu and Blake Farenthold have introduced legislation that will stop states from passing bills that require device manufacturers to install crypto backdoors into their products. The idea of individual states requiring such backdoor access from device manufactures (who sell their products all over the world) is sheer stupidity on its face. But stupidity has never stopped misguided lawyer politicians. What is even more remarkable is that Congress actually has four members that have computer science backgrounds. I thought the total would be closer to zero. I’ve always assumed people with high levels of technical education or training would run screaming from the insanity of Washington. I guess that is my cynical side showing. Anyway, representative Lieu is one of those members. The bill is called the Ensuring National Constitutional Rights for Your Private Telecommunications Act of 2016.” Read the full article at Arstechnica and let your congressional representative know you support this bill.